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The project :

Inkwood is an accessible and fun artistic project which combines drawing with urban life

The idea has emerged in Gregory’s mind seven years ago and took its final form after his encounter with Caroline. The website allows Inkwood to exist beyond illustrations; it enables the creation of a virtual, lively and evolving city.
In addition to the purchase of a unique piece of artwork, Inkwood brings buyers together so that they can become lead characters key actors in supporting ambitious projects. Everyone is encouraged to be creative and to take part in a living work. For example, the town’s newspaper is looking for journalists and writers to publish their writings, the cinema is ready to host film and video makers such as the art gallery to display artwork from painters, photographs, sculptor, etc. Inkwood will evolve through time, according to the connections that will be made.

Inkwood is a challenge : only its inhabitants community can make it a living, vibrant and welcoming city

In practice :

Inkwood is an imaginary online city.

To become a citizen, you need to purchase one illustration. This purchase grants you access to an online profile. Once you are connected, the new Inkwood citizen can go through the city map, check for the latest news at the city hall, buy new goods at the city’s estate agency. The citizen can take part in projects, display work in the city’s museums and galleries, show (and sell) work in the city’s shop fronts and meet other citizens in the Cafés and Restaurants.

Inkwood’s life depends only on its resident’s participation

Inkwood offers three types of housing : Houses/gardens, apartments and businesses.

* The citizen who owns a house or a garden can add information of his choice to his/her profile. The citizen also has access to the entire website, can chat with his neighbours, suggests readings at the library or organize an exhibition at the museums, share recipes at the restaurant, in short, becoming a true Inkwood citizen.

* Apartments give access to the same rights as the private residence owner, they only need a lower investment since the owner doesn’t purchase the original work, but a copy (the number of print corresponds to the number of apartments in the building).
When all the apartments have been sold, the original work will be auctioned among the building’s owners who will then have the possibility to purchase the building and sell their apartment since they will receive the original work.

* The businesses are online shop windows open to Inkwood citizens and all the visitors of the website. The business owner can thus put his art work on display such as a link to his own website.

Inkwood also includes public buildings : the city hall, a news agency, a cinema, an art gallery and a police station. Some are accessible to all visitors, some only to Inkwood citizens who want to exchange information about the place (for exemple, talking about food in the restaurant) .